• reflection1908

Day After Thanksgiving= Black Friday Shopping

Are you stuffed from yesterday? I am. Did you talk with your family about, "What you are thankful for?" For my family, we were all thankful for health because we experienced too many deaths this year with some due to Covid-19. So the best thing to be grateful for in health and being on this side of the dirt. I contributed to the meal by making my highly requested baked macaroni and cheese and crab cakes. We decided to bring food over to my parents house, pack out food and eat back at our respected residences. We just didn't want to jeopardize my parents and their health as they are in the "vulnerable" age. Tell me about your Thanksgiving! Comment below.

Anyhoo, enough about that....What do I next? SHOP! This year's theme for me will be shopping small if I can. I created my business because I felt there was a need for cute notebooks/journals to keep your thoughts, your doodles, your ideas, and even your goals in that nobody else can take away from you. For today only, all journals are on sale. In addition to that, my crochet sale items have a deeper discount. You HAVE to use the code. The prices are not marked. Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the sales!